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ELEMÉR LIPOSITS, Dr. Internist Head Physician, “The Doctor of the Poor” (19 June 1910, Rákosbánya-27 February 1993, Keszthely)- Doctor.

He came from an intellectual family, from Upper Hungary.

In 1928 he had been admitted to the Medical University of Pécs.

In 1934 he had taken his degree with “summa cum laude” qualification.

<p">He had spent the years of when a “medical student passes to hospital” (today we call them: the years of the final examinations) at the medical ward of the Medical University in Pécs, beside Professor Ángyán, who had national and European reputation.

After the years of the final examinations he had worked at the clinic as a clinical assistant, later on as an adjunct and finally he had received his scientific degree as an associate professor.

During these years, he had acquired three qualifications: general internal medicine, phthisiotherapy and radiology.

In 1946 he was appointed to be the head physician of the medical ward in the Town Hospital of Keszthely, which was called Public Hospital at that time. Besides of this, he was the head of the infectious ward as well.

In his life-work the main aim was to heal the patients; he made a lot of efforts to impart his knowledge and professional experiences to his examination students, ward doctors and residents at a high level.

He had a great help to achieve all of these and this person was “Nurse Kinga” (Kinga Csepeli) who was an excellent head nurse until her retirement.

Several scientific publications, lectures and the organization of internist conferences can be associated with his name. In 1970 on his sixtieth birthday he was pensioned off immediately. The reason of this was that the management of the town and hospital could not convince him to be the member of the Communist party. He led his life according to the Roman Catholic religion and he was not the member of the party. He set an example as an ethical doctor and also with his private life.

He accepted his pensioning with dignity and made good use of his professional knowledge and experience with even more energy in his private surgery, where his small laboratory and X-Ray machine helped his work.

He could perform his dedicated work with the help of our mother who was an excellent wife and partner (Dr. Mrs. Liposits, Gabrielle Lacher). She helped him in his work with full enthusiasm.

His human greatness can be seen well from the fact that he had cured the poor free of charge. Till the end of his life he was continuously learning and worked with dedication until his death, which happened on 27 February, 1993.


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