Erotic Panoptikum

About the Museum: The exhibition has been completed in three years, where the two dozens of silicon figures-demanding quite a challenge- have been constructed by the sculptor candidates of the Art University. In spite of the earlier known wax-figures, (Madame Tussauds Waxworks) the silicon ones are more lifelike and they have a perfect skin effect creating a striking resemblance with the original person. The models have been laid into a plastic bed and when the plaster has hardened it has been cut into two pieces. This way, a cavern originated and the silicon has been poured into this cave, so when the silicon got hardened it has become the reflection of the living person. The ladies and gentlemen who have been the models have been chosen among the students of the university as well.

This exhibition is unique in the world, as we compare it to the museums of Amsterdam and Prague, according to the visitors this display represent novelty and bold naturalism and it is really a speciality, an erotic delicacy, which has not been seen before. Admission is for people being over sixteen. We hope that prudes and philistines-regarding themselves to be young- will stay away from the exhibition.


Elfogadjuk / we accept / wir akzeptieren / мы принимаем

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